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Putting on a wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life is like piecing together a complicated puzzle. There are so many different pieces that make up the whole. Each piece is vitally important to the finished product, and missing even one piece will affect the overall picture.

With more than 25 years in the entertainment and events planning industry, Guy Rhodes Entertainment, Inc. has mastered the art of putting together a great wedding with a great entertainment package. Working closely with other event planners for many years, we understand what it takes to produce a special event, and we work hard to make the entertainment portion as worry free as possible, so that you can attend to the myriad of other details involved with your wedding day.

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Guy Rhodes Entertainment, Inc. has built it's reputation on providing outstanding services to clients. We believe great service begins with your first phone call or email to us. We are committed to identifying the right acts for each client's budget and entertainment needs. Guy Rhodes Entertainment, Inc. will take care of the many details involved in booking quality entertainment, leaving you available to focus on the many other aspects of your special day.
We will:

Negotiate the best possible price for entertainment
Coordinate schedules for the following:
The reception
Sound check
Power requirements
Entertainment set and times
Band gear
Post-wedding follow-up

Where Do I Begin?
You’ve waited all your life for this moment and you want to make it special. In planning any event, you start at the beginning. Think through the primary events that will take place over the several days that will lead up to and include your wedding day and remember that each part will send a distinct message to your guests. Guests that have come to share in this very special time of your life. Events such as:

The Rehearsal Dinner
Providing light entertainment during the rehearsal dinner can help relax and calm the wedding party and provide a more casual and more comfortable evening before the big day. A few suggestions to consider would include a pianist or guitarist, a string quartet, jazz trio, harpist or steel drum band.

To review these and many more options available through Guy Rhodes Entertainment, Inc.: Click Here

The Wedding
Do you plan on an individual or relative to sing at your wedding? Will you walk down the aisle to a traditional wedding march or something more contemporary? To make this and similar decisions we can begin by asking easier questions such as: Where will the wedding take place? If it is in a traditional setting such as a church, you may want to select more traditional accompaniment such as an organ, harp, string or brass quartet.

The Reception
Planning the celebration party or reception, you will also need to take into consideration various important events that will need to be addressed and planned in order to ensure the perfect evening to remember. For instance, you need to plan for events such as the Bride/Groom’s first dance, the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dance just to mention a few. You will want to take the time to make sure your music will fit the evening you would like to remember. In order to make the celebration more memorable we would suggest you get with your future spouse and make a list of some of your favorite tunes.

This will help in working with our planners in selecting the right band or DJ for your reception. Looking at the bands song list will also help in assuring that the music you enjoy and want to celebrate with is available.

Many of our bands are able to work up several special selections upon request. In order to verify if this is possible we ask that you submit your request at least thirty days in advance of the booking. If you choose a DJ, you will still need to provide ample notice so that they will be able to add that to the selections for the celebration.

Selecting the Right Band or DJ
Do you want a nice soft, romantic reception or a big party? Do you want everyone to dance all night? Do you want a variety of music or do you favor Motown, Classic Rock, Funk or the Polka? Whether choosing a band or a DJ from Guy Rhodes Entertainment, Inc., we can provide you the very best for a memorable celebration no matter your selection. All of our bands are professional musicians that can provide you with pictures, song list and either a sample audio or video to help in making the right decision.

While there is nothing like live music, a band can be generally more expensive and require more space. So if your reception area or budget is a consideration, a DJ may be just the thing to provide the songs you want, just as you remembered them.

Never forget that this is your celebration but there are decisions to make. Try to develop a plan that will help make everyone enjoy the celebration and remember the moment, but always remember that this is your wedding day- make it a day to remember forever.

To review song selections, song list and more: Click Here

Booking Your Entertainment
Once you have selected your entertainment, you will want to ensure your selection is available by signing a contract to make it binding. Remember that the most popular bands and DJ’s fill up their schedules quickly so you will want to address this as soon as possible. Because schedules do fill up quickly, it is always a good idea to try to book your entertainment at least 6 to 12 months in advance. In addition, it is important to inform the band, or DJ, upon signing the contract, of any special music that you would like to be played or performed at any of your events, whether the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony or the reception.

Be assured that Guy Rhodes Entertainment, Inc. will assist you in securing the right entertainment for your event that fits your dreams and your budget. Once a contract is signed our experienced representatives will work with you in making sure all questions, any deposits, special requests or other information is addressed and taken care of prior to the wedding. In addition, if you have any special requests or information that you feel is important to the band or DJ we will establish a meeting with you and a representative of the band or DJ at least two weeks prior to the wedding to go over any final details.

In order to help ensure the perfect day, we suggest you use the planning forms available prior to talking to one of our representatives. This will help in providing a list of many of the questions that need to be addressed in the proper planning of your wedding and making it the day you always dreamed it would be.

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