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Variety Bands

LEFTY & THE LUNATICSLefty & the Lunatics is the ultimate party band. If you want your event to be fun for everyone, you need to book this band. They’ve been together since 1990, and the band still consists of all the original members. Lefty & the Lunatics is a diverse band, specializing in Classic Rock and Alternative. They can play everything from Elvis to Cake. Lefty & the Lunatics are a perfect choice for any party!

Lefty & the Lunatics Song List

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LEGENDARY CRUISERSGetting the right blend of talent and personality is never easy but this band has succeeded in creating a group that can deliver some of the best music you will ever hear. With their strong vocal harmonies, The Legendary Cruisers can recreate the crooning harmony of 50's Doo-Wop all the way up to the hard hitting vocals of the 80's. Their song list consists of 50's, Motown, Memphis Soul, British Rock, and even some originals. The Legendary Cruisers Band is one of the most versatile groups in the region. With decades of experience and a burning desire to keep Classic Rock alive and do it better than anyone, they deliver some of the best Rock'n'Roll ever recorded.

Legendary Cruisers Song List

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THE KADILLACS band kadillacsSince their origin in 1985, the Kadillacs have performed for countless corporate functions, national and regional conventions, society and charity balls, festivals and private parties. The following is a list of a few of the more notable events at which they have performed during the past few years.

The Kadillacs Song List

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JUGGERNAUT JUG BANDThis is the music of The Juggernaut Jug Band…..jazzy jug band music played on washboards, washtubs, kazoos, jugs and various and sundry other hardware. Actually, it isn't only jazz, but also blues, ragtime, swing, and original music combined in a strange concoction called jug band music. Jug bands flourished in towns along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in the 1920's and 30's. Much as New Orleans spawned Dixieland Jazz, Louisville, home of the Juggernaut Jug Band was the birthplace of jug music.
Each performance is a challenge to the audience to have as much fun as the band. Don't let their antics fool you though, their exuberant music is the result of skillfully conceived arrangements, unusual instrumentation, and unique vocal harmonies.

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WAYNE YOUNG & THE YOUNGSTERSKnown for his gritty voice, soulful guitar work and high-energy show, renown blues performer Wayne Young offers his listeners a chance to taste some smoky blues cooked over a little red-hot rock 'n roll.

Wayne Young & the Youngesters Song List

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WULFE BROS.Whether it's a night of dancin' to Rock 'n' Roll, or corporate banquet needing dinner music followed by a moving presentation, or a festival crowd filled with a diverse mix of cultures, ages and musical tastes, The Wulfe Bros. know how to entertain. They include the latest dance craze or the old "hokey pokey" standard...whatever it takes for the audience to get off their seats and on their feet.

Wulfe Bros. Song List

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THE VANDELLSFor over twenty years the Van-Dells have thrilled audiences of all ages by recreating the by-gone era of the 50's and 60's with a unique blend of side splitting comedy, tight harmony and sure footed choreography. The Van-Dells hit the stage running and never let up.

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VooDoo Lounge Song List

V-GROOVE dj weddingSince 1998, V-Groove has established itself as the premiere cover band in the Louisville area. Their performances show fluency and versatility in the genres of funk, r&b, soul, and blues. V-Groove is hard to define due to this diversity. However, one thing is for sure… everything V-Groove does has energy and will make you Stevie Ray’s, Steinert’s, and Uncle Pleasant’s. The best way for anyone to understand the energy, excitement, talent, fun, and contagious groove that is V-Groove, is by seeing a live performance.

V-Groove Song List

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THE RUMORS band wedding receptionPlanning a corporate function, wedding reception or other event and need just the right live band to ensure its success? If so, then look for further than The Rumors.
Southern Indiana’s premier special events band, The Rumors have been performing regionally for a variety of special occasions since 1994. Weddings, festivals, fairs, dances and corporate functions all have enjoyed the talent and professionalism of The Rumors.
The Rumors extensive repertoire includes selections from the 1950’s through today, highlighting the greatest artists in Rock and Roll’s exciting history. A Rumors performance may cover material from Buddy Holly to John Mellencamp and Jimmy Buffet to Dave Matthews. The Rumors have specially tailored their act to appeal to all ages and any type of event. The Rumors…live music for your occasion.

The Rumors Song List

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