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Tribute Acts

YESTERDAY - A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLESYesterday was formed in 1986 and has been touring the world and playing to sell-out crowds consistently. Yesterday captures The Beatles with authentic instruments, costumes and a visual impact that can only be described as "Incredible". You'll want to scream and shout, and dance about with Yesterday ...the most authentic, visual, exciting Beatles tribute act to-date.

KISS ARMY“KISS ARMY” Hailed the world over as the #1 undisputed and international touring KISS tribute phenomenon they’ve earned every bit of it as they’ve spent over 13 years in developing and perfecting their salute to the original gods of rock and greasepaint KISS! You want the best? Look No Further!

THE Rigbys

The Rigbys Song List

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THE DEVONSHIRESWelcome to America's Golden Hits show featuring The Devonshires. The Devonshire brothers leave their mark in Rock music history everywhere they play. "Freddie Devonshire nearly brought the house down, my club will never be the same" Ward Plauche' Backstage Cafe
The Devonshires are best known for their smash 60's hits "She thinks I'm a Sheep" and "Do the Freddie!" "Do the Freddie" was later banned in 7 countries including the U.S. due to the violent jerking motions associated with the dance. The Jerk dance (as it became known) led to brain hemorrhage, convulsions, and in some cases, permanent paralysis!
The Devonshires is composed of 5 talented brothers from Stalebladder, England. Actually Freddie was born in Kenya to the Nerdawa Tribe. He was mistakenly crated with a shipment of elephant tusks headed for England. He was found and adopted by Ima Devonshire, a Stalebladder resident and music teacher who gave birth to Ian, Dereck, Winston, and Carter

The Devonshires Song List

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LARRY MAGLINGERLarry sings around 45 of Rod Stewart's greatest hits from the 70's to the present Great American Songbook collection. All songs are sung using specially recorded music tracks and the performance features a complete light and video show. The show can be configured for a one, two or three hour performance for your club, party, reception, dance, convention or special event.

Larry Maglinger Song List