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pure south bandIf hot rockin’ country is what you’re looking for, then look no further. Pure South is one of Louisville’s longest running and most respected country bands. With more than 10 years experience on big and small stages, this group is guaranteed to please any crowd. Their vast song list and polished, action packed performance draws fans of all types from far and wide. From clubs to concerts to corporate events and banquets, Pure South is always the ‘hit’ of the party!

Pure South Song List

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pony express bandThe Pony Express band was founded with the best musicians available in and around the Louisville area. They cater to the Top 40 Country Music and the line dancing crowd although, they also play excellent Rock & Roll as well! The Pony Express band’s live local shows are one of the best kept secrets in the Louisville area!

Pony Express Song List

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the michael stacey bandThe Michael Stacey Band, a.k.a. MSB, is a result of six multi-talented musicians that were brought together while developing the ideal backing band for independent recording artist Michael Stacey. The process would span over a period of almost two years.
Developing The Michael Stacey Band has been an extensive and tedious process. Subsequently, the outcome has produced a well-rounded, extremely talented and disciplined group of musicians with one common goal, to make the best music possible for their audience.

The Michael Stacey Band Song List

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dalton bandDalton has been described many different ways over the last few years, but a high-energy country rock band might be the most accurate description. With the blending of three talented traditional country musicians, and two gifted former rockers, one thing is for certain - Dalton is sure to please! From playing small venues, to opening for major recording artists, Dalton has been a real crowd pleaser wherever they have performed. A familiar face on 'Music Row' in Nashville, Tennessee, the local press refers to Dalton as "one of the hot newcomers to watch"! The Fans say it best; "DALTON ROCKS"!

Dalton Song List

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